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Urgh it’s just so sad I mean you know Sephiroth’s just been handled in this detached, clinical way his whole life, until Genesis and Angeal showed up, and then he opened up for them. Slowly, he learned how to have fun, and love his friends. And then you watch him lose them, because of Shinra and their fucked-up schemes. And you know he blames himself, because he gave Genesis that wound that never healed. And after he loses them, you watch him discover horrifying things about himself. And the walls go back up, and he loses himself in his blind hatred. I hate Crisis Core because we see Sephiroth smile and be human and alive, and that is so far removed from where he is in VII.

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I know I’m repeating myself, but it ruined me. RUINED ME. I was happy once. And then Sephiroth. And then everything else in that game.

UH yeah I didn’t care much about Sephiroth aside from his porn star voice until Crisis Core, and THEN. Then I had so many emotions that I couldn’t contain myself and it hurt me so bad. What a BABYTHING.

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are y’all masochists

Apparently. That game broke me. I have vivid memories of sobbing in the car playing my PSP. We just got to Nibelheim. The end is near.

We started replaying Crisis Core. I’m already crying.

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I’ve seen people calling Haru selfish for giving up on his heat but here’s the thing: he had a panic attack. Worse, he had a panic attack in the water. That’s probably terrifying, especially for Haru who accepts the water so willingly, to have it turn on him like that and make him feel uncomfortable. He’s so anxious about his future that he’s having nightmares and he is not selfish for stopping the race if he didn’t feel comfortable. He is not selfish for deciding that he didn’t care about the scouts, the times, or anything like that. He’s not selfish for following his heart because you know what, by doing so he isn’t hurting anyone. He’s making a decision that he feels is best for him and I don’t see why people are complaining. This fandom is so quick to complain that Haru gets no character development, but then when he does he’s a selfish piece of shit who hurts Rin gosh how DARE HE?

If anything, Rin is the selfish one in this particular instance. Even though he isn’t lashing out like he did last season, he’s still being selfish because he’s projecting his dreams onto Haru and assuming that because Haru is good enough to get scouted, that’s what he wants. Clearly, it’s not. That’s what Rin wants, and I for one am proud as hell that Haru stood up for himself and finally said it. I realize that Rin has no way of knowing that Haru is having nightmares and anxiety attacks because it isn’t obvious, but that still doesn’t mean the way he stormed into the locker room and demanded an explanation from someone who is clearly upset was an okay thing to do because it wasn’t.

It would be different if Haru had said that he was done swimming in the tournament altogether, then I could MAYBE see merit behind the claims that he’s behaving selfishly. But he didn’t. He assured the rest of Iwatobi that he was going to swim in the relay with him because he swims for himself and his friends. He’s still there for him even though he’s made a decision that he doesn’t care about his times.

I am so proud of Haru and I hope that admitting this to himself and his friends gives him some mental clarity and makes him feel good about himself and his decisions.

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Oh fuck you are gorgeous.

O////////O Thank you omfg thank you so much

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Your skin is so flawless I can’t even

Oh my god no it really isn’t I have foundation on and the lighting is good and I’m just pale as hell I promise my skin is NOT good.

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